Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bug fans

A good old fashioned way to keep the bugs off this summer without using toxic chemicals, gassing or smelly candlesticks is to use a simple fan. Bugs have a hard time flying in the breeze.

This helps sitting outside freely made easy on a patio or deck without the need of being enclosed within an insect screen, and helps create a nice breeze while being in the warm weather.

There are solar power collector and clip on fans for a more ecological method of not wasting energy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

LWSC offering discount rain barrels

The Lynn Water & Sewer Commission is offering discounted rain barrels for the price of $74.95.   The rain barrels are made in Peabody by the New England Rain Barrel Company to help residents conserve water and reduce storm water runoff.
The barrels are 55 gallon blue plastic containers recycled from the U.S. food industry.  The kit comes complete with a 6-inch inlet opening in the top covered with a screened louver, and have 2 brass spigots to connect to a hose for watering and for overflow. Included is a 5 foot starter hose with a shutoff valve and instructions. Homeowners may paint the barrels if a different color is preferred.

For more information call The New England Rain Barrel Company at 877-977-3135 or order online at www.nerainbarrel. com.   
Orders must be placed by Friday, June 25.