Thursday, February 11, 2010

CASE CLOSED! ... Thank Kleenex

Thank Kimberly-Clark for protecting ancient forests

Kimberly-Clark Thank YouIn a tremendous victory for ancient forests, including the North American Boreal Forest, Kimberly-Clark has announced a new policy that protects endangered forests.

The company has set a goal of obtaining 100 percent of the wood fiber for its products including its flagship brand, Kleenex from environmentally responsible sources. The policy increases the company’s use of FSC-certified pulp and recycled fiber for North American tissue products, reduces the use of non-FSC certified pulp from the Boreal Forest to zero by 2011, and will prevent all K-C products from ever being made from Endangered Forests. This policy is good for forests globally.

Please take a minute to thank Kimberly-Clark for its policy of protecting ancient forests! (here)

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