Monday, March 29, 2010

Be a voice in saving the woods of Salem

The public lands of recreation and wildlife of the woods of Salem is on the turn of endangerment.  A residential development and a new Lowes/Walmart is slated to clear the woods, blasting glaciers and ending bike trails in the area north of Highland Ave, east of Lynn, reaching from Spring Pond to Marlborough Road.   Lowes will be situated near Walmart, on the same street as One Way Lumber, Home Depot, and Target where these types of stores already exist.  This new development effects nearby residents of Lynn, Salem and Peabody.  Bicyclists, Nature Hikers, nearby residents and kids from these camps will no longer be able to enjoy the woods:  from Camp Lions, Camp Fire and the Boys and Girls Camp.  The wildlife will no longer exist in this green space.   We've spotted deer, vultures, bats, fox... heard the sounds of coyote, woodpeckers, owls, different types of little birds and see many little animals roam the woods.   City woods also provide a healthy supply of oxygen to breath from, circulating clean air into congested polluted city grids.  We will not have public green land left anymore in these congested cities.     For many years people have petitioned and constantly been fighting to saving these woods and the Salem/Highland Woods on the other side of Highland Ave.  

Be free and advocate for the conservation of public lands.  Your voice can make a difference. Send a letter to these reps below, asking them to enforce the  
Senator Fred Barry -
State Representative John D. Keenan - Rep.JohnDKeenan@Hou.State.MA.US
Department of Planning and Community Development of Salem.....and don't forget to thank them too.  
Feel Free to copy this message with your added thoughts.


Public Meeting April 15th - Salem

All members of the public are encouraged to attend Salem's public meeting 
on April 15th - 7 PM
120 Washington St. (third floor)
The evening’s agenda is attached. (Click on Image below to enlarge)
If you are unable to attend, please feel free to mail or email comments you would like to pass along to the Board members, at this email, or mailing address below.

Danielle McKnight
Staff Planner
Department of Planning and Community Development
City Hall Annex
120 Washington Street
SalemMA 01970

And maybe this is something The Historical Commission of Salem may have interest in overseeing sustaining the historical view from the top of the hills looking over Spring Pond and the woods.


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