Thursday, March 4, 2010

garden on a boat, called "the Waterpod"

If you thought urban gardening and living rooftops were creative uses of space, get a load of this garden on a boat, called "the Waterpod." Gardener and artist Carissa Carman served as Living Systems Director and Designer of the Waterpod.
The Waterpod "food system" included a variety of growing methods, such as self-irrigating, companion and hydroponic planting. These techniques were incorporated into a closed-loop ecosystem, which used the grey water and food scraps from the boat's kitchen to feed the plants and feed the four on-board chickens. In turn, the manure from the chickens' coops fertilized the plants, which then supplied the kitchPublish Posten.
The plants grown on board were heirloom varieties like the Speckled lettuceTennis Ball lettuce and theCherokee Purple tomato, grown from seeds sourced from Seed Savers ExchangeHudson Valley Seed LibrarySeeds of Change and individuals.
Sounds pretty nice, floating down the river with a garden of fresh, delicious vegetables and a few clucking chickens at your feet. Just goes to show you have to think outside the ... well, land ... when contemplating where and how we can grow food.

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