Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Pond action letters

Historic Spring Pond

Spring Pond and the nearby wooded areas are not only an important peaceful, breathtaking retreat to enjoy nature, but they played the same significant role in history too... as noted by historic famous writers and poets.
We don't want new developments destroying and replacing our environment and American Heritage.  We don't want them blasting our hill tops, and ledges, changing the landscapes.  We don't want them ruining the environment and we don't want them ruining our peaceful communities.
Our environment and limited places of retreat are irreplaceable.  
These new developments will become a HISTORIC CRIME if these wooded areas and hills near Spring Pond are destroyed.   Please be a voice in trying to conserve this significant, historical land which is important to this day.  
There are several references found in many historic books which signify the historic and environmental importance of Spring Pond and these woods. The following are two links to the related research found regarding these areas:

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  1. We need to unite against foreign powers (wal-mart and Lowes) The voice of the people will thunder from the hills to shake the very frames of the corporate demi-gods. But we must never falter for their way is lies and the lawyers and "experts" in their employ are legion.