Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zipcar goes to college

Zipcar goes to college.
Ok kids... North Shore College is Downtown, on the Lynnway, Rt. 1a, close to Boston and part of the North Shore.  If there is any campus the Zipcar should be is at NSCC.
If we can get them to come to Lynn's Campus, we can get this green car system to grow in Lynn.  Anyone can contact Zipcar's rep here...
The more interest we seek, maybe, just maybe they'll come.

Zipcar provides…

  • Expertise in transportation demand management
  • Fleet: Pick from a variety of fuel-efficient vehicles (choose your school colors, if you want)
  • Access to cars for all eligible drivers in your campus community (faculty, staff, students 18+/21+ depending on your location)
  • Zipcar technology with a world-class vehicle reservation system and easy-to-use account management tools
  • Dedicated account management and fleet staff
  • Marketing support

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